biopack environmental solutions


Biopack Environmental is a main designer and supplier of eco-friendly packaging. After years of escalated innovative work, we've made a far reaching scope of inventive and ecologically friendly items that are both budget-friendly and feasible.

Did you know 100% biodegradable packaging can be composted and softened down totally up short of what 12 weeks? It can likewise be composted close by the food waste contained in it – perfect for caterers and nourishment administration outlets, and extremely kind to the nature.

Our biodegradable packaging is ideal for every one of those restaurants, stores, bistros, food providers and coffeehouses who need to exhibit their profound responsibility to the nature. Our products best fit to hot and cool beverage containers, take away boxes, soup and mixed greens holders, share pots, store compartments, plates, dishes and trays, sandwich bundling, cake boxes, packs, cutlery, napkins and paper.

Our mission is to make superior choices to oil based and unsustainable materials via exploring and creating new materials, discovering renewable packaging and utilizing novel advances. To encourage this, we have made Biopack Environmental, a consultancy which upholds supportability programs for fast food retailers, crisp produce producers, open air occasions and retailers.

In receiving reasonable bundling arrangements, brand qualities can be improved and corporate practicality. Our product range is growing by the month so please keep checking our website or sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.